Relax, do Yoga and Qi-gong


It was in 1965 that I was introduced by a very high personality of Yoga. He did not possible to follow his instruction length, but periodically we met in Paris and Mulhouse. The opportunity was given to me to address different tendencies thereafter. Gradually, unwilling to opt for a school rather than another, I managed to reach consensus using elements from several institutes. It's not a mix, but the fruit of an experience that lasts forty-five years of practice. So I feel I have known abolish frontiers that are only limitations preventing access to additional features to those taught in their registry.

There are methods that are intended innovative. In our time no one is able to bring new substances to technical erected since so many centuries. Far from me the idea of ​​inventing something, and I did not want to claim to have a way better than the others. Take into account that the morphology of Europe is not the same as Oriental. We can not submit to demands that do not accept our bodily constitution. It would be a mistake involving risks to the functioning of our joints. My formula is not related or linked to any religion or belief. She does not obey political trend. It is backed by a philosophy that meet the most obvious universal moral principles.

We will we bend to any discipline, constraint or rule, if not that of being always comfortable and never to make him realize exercises, movement or position that is not easy to achieve. Therefore, it should not come with the intention to soften for example. Our plan does not get to cross their legs behind the head, but only to be well in body, mentally and find peace and serenity.

In 1970 I started to send my teaching at the Cultural Center of St. Louis. Parallel to my teaching activities at the Conservatory of Mulhouse, I was also teaching yoga in several cities of the department / Altkirch, Sainte Marie aux Mines, in Colmar, Riedisheim and intermittently in many other places. Only at the Cultural Center of St. Louis and the Théâtre de la Sinne Mulhouse I still unswervingly loyal.

It is with the greatest pleasure that I should mention that several participants can no longer follow my sessions regularly for over thirty years. If this is not seen externally, this means, however, they find something in our practice that satisfies.

If the Yoga includes various forms, each of which has a name that specifies it belongs to a different school other. For the objective is common, but the techniques are methods of their own.

On my way I integrated some principles derived from a Chinese gymnastics which is called Qi-Gong, which has only easy movements, supported by

proper breathing. They ask too, a minimum of effort and effect working those provided by the Yoga


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