A smart home before and after school

GRIBOUIL 'Extracurricular 2013/2014

Educational and recreational activities for children from 3 to 12 years!

A reception:
L'Espace Loisirs

Before and after school!

Home kindergartens Children Jules Verne, Nussbaum and Baerenfels and elementary school Bourgfelden and its annex.

AM: Only for children from kindergarten and Jules Verne Elementary School Bourgfelden (open from 7 am 00. Breakfast with friends, games and drawings before being accompanied to school.

Noon : Only for kindergarten children (Jules Verne, Nussbaum and Baerenfels). A convivial lunch break. Support for children leaving the school, the Leisure meals, relaxing and games before returning to school.

Afternoon: Support children to school exit
A snack that we share together. A relaxing to play quietly with friends, do crafts, board games, sports games, ... The biggest can do their homework independently.

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