Presentation of the Socio-Cultural Center of St. Louis

The Socio-Cultural Centre of Saint-Louis was born October 6, 1971 during the renovation of the station district in order to provide that complex of a host of young children equipment, and therefore allow the creation and management of the first Crèche Ludovicienne in a newly built apartment. It was then the Ludovicienne Association of Children Services, renamed in December 1972 Ludovicienne Association for the Family Services following the extension of its activities and the opening of a new local of about 140 m2 in the basement of 5-7, Place de la Gare.

In 1973, following an investigation specifying the type of activities to be undertaken to meet the needs of residents, as the Association gets the approval of the Social Centre and is affiliated with the Federation of Social Centres Top -rhin.

April 1993 marks the first extension of the Crèche, and moved into our new premises located 4 Charles City Kroepflé or also our headquarters until 05 March 2008 and occupies about half of the building area.

The redesign of our statutes in March 1994 has led in particular to the withdrawal of our Association of the Federation of Social Centres of the Upper Rhine.

Since September 2002, said Crèche has been transformed into an institution and care facilities for children under six, commonly known as Multi-Home and Escargotine held since all the local 4, Charles City Kroepflé.

It is also to point out that since that date, namely September 2002, all of our leisure activities receptions runs at 56 Rue du Dr. Marcel Hurst in the Saint-Louis Bourgfelden.

To better meet the expectations of our users and provide better coverage of the territory of the City of St. Louis has been open since 1 January 2004 a recreational receptions section in the municipal offices of the House for All "Albert Schweitzer" 15 B, Rue de Strasbourg in the neighborhood of Saint-Louis Neuweg.

September 2006 marks the creation and opening of our first maternal school care section 56, Rue du Dr. Hurst Marcel for the Saint-Louis Bourgfelden.

In the same spirit of quality improvement of our activities and in order to ensure a local service on the entire territory Ludovicien, our downtown activities historically situated 5-7, Place de la Gare have been transferred and integrated into new premises also more spacious communal available to us at 10, Rue des Prés in St. Louis since 1 April 2007, mainly to house our language section of French as a Foreign Language as well as receptions activities recreational and educational support.

As for the administration and other services of the Association, they are deployed at 56 Rue du Dr. Hurst Marcel in St. Louis since become 5 March 2008 our new headquarters.

It is also noted that in order to build us a better visual identity and to give more visibility to all our various activities, it was decided to apply from 11 June 2008 the name: Socio-Cultural Centre St. Louis' Espace des Lys "to our Association.

According to its statutes, the Socio-Cultural Center of St. Louis is an association governed by the law of 1908 to nonprofit. This is equipment that must be carried out social actions, family and sociocultural available to residents of the City of St. Louis and surrounding areas. It is open to all persons, groups or associations of a social, family, educational and cultural. It fosters social ties and support the family as a whole in collaboration with all partners interested in the realization of educational, cultural, sports and arts.

His animation is provided by a team of social workers under the responsibility of the Board of the Association.

In addition to services related to early childhood and developed by its Multi-Home Escargotine section, it is deploying, among others, the following:

  • On the social and family economy.
  • French language training foreign language.
  • Sewing courses and a creative workshop.
  • Various cultural activities.
  • Accompanying schooling.
  • Receptions of leisure without accommodation, Wednesdays during school time and at each school holiday period.
  • A maternal school care, morning, noon and night and primary only in the evening.
  • Yoga classes.
  • Dance classes.

Our main resources come from subsidies granted by our partners, namely:

  • The City of St. Louis.
  • The Family Allowance Upper Rhine.
  • The General Council of Haut-Rhin.
  • The European Social Fund.
  • The National Agency for Social Cohesion and Equal Opportunities (ACSE).
  • The Community of Municipalities of the Three Borders.

The budget balance comes from own funds of the Association.